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  • Aurora Night

It's about to pop off

Sponsored event: Stardust event from 6th April - 1st May

Headdress: Mayhem crown - Poison Rouge [Neo Japan event]

Hair: Hitaisho - Tableau Vivant [Neo Japan event]

Gun: MK.33 SMG - Beast mode [Stardust event - April round]

Nails: Sunny Ballerina nails (Orange) - Tulssy Nail's Art [Stardust event - April round]

Blouse/ Bra: Mercy Blouse & Bra (Red) - Asteria [Level event - April round]

Pants: Mercy Pants (Red) - Asteria [Level event - April round]

Heels: Dahlia sandals (Marigold) - Ryvolter

Backdrop: Tokyo by nights 2049 - The Bearded Guy

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