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How do you stay positive during a pandemic?

It seems like it's impossible to really remain positive when there is so much uncertainty. Unfortunately alot of us have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost homes and have even became ill ourselves.. it has been a rollercoaster of never ending drama. When speaking to friends, the lines that always come into conversation is "When will we get back to normality?" Its like we are still searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, but this tunnel is too frigging long!

So how do you stay positive? What are the steps you take daily to keep your mind away from negativity? I will not sit here and act like this is easy, i do have my dark days... but maybe this will help some of you to at least try and add a bit of positivity into your day to day.

Here are 10 things i do and i have also researched a few things that could be relatable both in RL and SL:

  1. Daily affirmations. As soon as i open my eyes, the first thing i do is look for positive quotes on Pinterest. The positive quotes are my daily affirmations. The quote that draws to me the most, is what i post on social platforms. I feel that by me sharing this with others, also brings me satisfaction that it could help someone else.

  2. You are what you eat. The food that you intake is a reflection of how you feel. All those snacks and takeaways you have will soon take a toll on you, making you feel sluggish, down and in some cases, overweight. With the lack of movement some of us are doing, this can also affect your health. I am experiencing some health issues due to this and it has forced me to make sure i have a nice healthy balanced diet. So increase on your fruits and veg!

  3. Stay hydrated. It is very important to stay hydrated. I am not one to drink as much water as i should. I have started ordering crates of 1.5 litre bottles of water that forces me to get through them daily.

  4. Move that body. There are tons of YouTube daily workout videos that you can do to keep your blood flowing! I have downloaded a fitness app called Workout for Women: Fitness App that is available both on apple and android. It sends you prompts everyday to kick you up the butt and get that body moving. Due to my hernia, i have to do lightweight exercises, but there are different levels of intensity for everyone! If you can go outside for a jog or daily walk, that's even better. The fresh air will do you good!

  5. Misery does not like company. During this time, i have experienced a whirlwind of emotions from myself and from people around me. We all want to be there for each other to get us through these hard times, but there are also times when we have to know when to step back and protect our energy. Try your best to discern when this needs to be done and if you feel you are being drawn into a dark place due to those around you, don't feel bad for taking time out and putting yourself first.

  6. Law of attraction. Start to create vision boards of things you want for your life. As you are at home, you can create a traditional one cutting out images of things you want and sticking them onto a board. There are also tons of apps that you can download so its always on your phone when you are out and about. A daily glance will help you to visualise it and bring it to reality.

  7. Meditation. This can be done in various ways. There are alot of guided meditation YouTube videos, podcasts and online classes that are available. In SL there is the Centre for Mindfulness which is ran daily by the Fapple group. They hold 15 min sessions that really helps you to have a clear mind. Sisters in SL occasionally have held sessions in the past that is linked to the moon cycle. They have been very affective. Hopefully we will hold some more in the near future.

  8. Put energy into things that brings you joy. Is there something you enjoyed doing before but didn't have time to continue? Now is a good time to make a start with it! I have started SL photography again. I am not a professional but i enjoy taking pics for fun. Also creating this blog is something that i used to do when i first started SL back in 2017, so it feels great to start a blog again and bring out my creative side out as that's what brings me joy. So if there is something you want to do in your spare time, do it!

  9. Self Care. Take time out to have a nice hot bubble bath with your favourite incense and bath salts. I try and do this monthly where i relax and soak in the bath listening to relaxing music. Get creative and make your own homemade face mask. Stylecraze has 16 different DIY face masks that you can try, they all sound delicious too!

  10. Talk. It is important to talk to those who you love and trust about what you are going through. Its not good to bottle things up and deal with them alone. If you feel uncomfortable talking to anyone close, there are reputable therapists that are available online. I googled a few and betterhelp looked like a good site that is available all over the world. Please do your own research and go with what you feel comfortable.

I hope these steps will help you to get through your dark days. You are human and its normal for us all to be feeling these rollercoaster of emotions. The main thing is to remain healthy and safe. Secondlife has truly helped so many people to stay distracted from RL and also help us to not feel alone. If you have any tips, please comment and let me know what you do to stay positive!

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